[ Trade Institute of Pittsburgh ]

[ Creating Professionals ]

Trade Institute of Pittsburgh was established to give young men and women a chance to develop skills in the trades; making them employable, and giving them a chance to increase their earning potential. This gives those non-college bound individuals, or those who have made mistakes in their past, an opportunity outside of the minimum wage job market.

The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh concept was developed with the idea that significant impact can be made in Southwestern Pennsylvania. This can be done through job creation, long term support of the trades, and youth education on the benefits of working in the various trades. All of this in an attempt to combat the imminent work force shortage that the masonry trade and others are going to be facing in the years to come.

Success Stories

[ Giving Back ]

Most of the Institute's students and graduates have spent time in either prison, juvenile centers, or rehab facilities. Trade Institute of Pittsburgh presents an opportunity for young men and women to have structure, training and support in their lives; all of which have been lacking for most of the participants. So, in addition to their instruction, we also try to help them work through their life issues.